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General terms and conditions of sale

This contract ("contract") is a distance contract within the meaning of Article 50 et seq. of Legislative Decree No. 206 of September 6, 2005 ("Consumer Code"). The object of the contract is the sale of movable goods between Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s. and the consumer (the "customer").

The contract is concluded directly through the acceptance by Pelletterie Borghese s. r.l.s. of a purchase proposal issued by the customer by telephone or through the internet, following the invitation to offer contained in the website www.pelletterieborghese.it (the "site") and/or through other distance selling systems of Pelletterie Borghese s. r.l.s. , based on the methods described in Article 3 below.

These general conditions of sale ("general conditions") and, in particular, the information referred to in Article 52 of the Consumer Code, as provided by Pelletterie Borghese s. r.l.s., will remain valid and effective until they are modified and/or supplemented by Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s.

Any amendments and/or additions to the general conditions will be effective as of the date they are announced to the public and will apply to sales made on or after that date. The latest updated version of the general conditions is the one that can be found on the website.


The sale prices of the products illustrated on the site and/or through any other distance selling systems of Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s. are inclusive of VAT and any other taxes.

Delivery charges are communicated on/from the site and/or through any other distance selling systems of Pelletterie Borghese s. r.l.s. and, in the case of a telephone order, repeated to the customer by the operator appointed by Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s.

Mode of purchase and payment

In the case of purchase proposals sent through the site, the customer will receive from Pelletterie Borghese s. r.l.s. a summary e-mail in which he will be informed that his purchase proposal is being processed and will be deemed accepted, unless otherwise communicated by e-mail or telephone transmitted by Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s., within the period of 3 (three) calendar days from receipt of the summary e-mail.

After this deadline has passed, the Internet contract is deemed to have been finalized.

The customer will be allowed to choose one of the following payment methods:

  • payment via Paypal
  • bank transfer
  • Payment with Scalapay
  • Cash on delivery payment 
  • payment with credit cards
  • any other means of payment from time to time indicated as valid by Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s on the site.


Packing and delivery methods for products

Packaging of goods ordered through the site is done directly by the packaging area of Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s. and on site.

Pelletterie Borghese guarantees 100% perfect integrity, complete closure and uniqueness of the package made by the packaging area.

Pelletterie Borghese delivers the package, within a few hours of the order, to a manager of the company selected for shipment (the company selected will be communicated to the customer).

Pelletterie Borghese notifies the customer that the package has been delivered to the "courier" and the associated and unique tracking number (number of the

An 'email will be sent to the registered address with courier tracking, to track the shipment.

The products will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer within the terms set by the service of the company selected for shipment and defined during the online sale.

The customer is informed and aware of these terms, which, from time to time, vary depending on the type of order placed (weight, variable size for packaging the goods).

Cost of shipping

The cost of shipping is broken down as follows:

  • Italy = Free
  • Europe = €19.00
  • Extra Europe = €35.00



Any complaint, however, may be forwarded, in writing, to Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s., via XXIV Maggio n. 22 - 80028 Grumo Nevano (NA), or by e-mail to info@pelletterieborghese.it. 

The company makes itself available to the customer to deal with possible problems encountered during the order and its fulfillment

However, Pelletterie Borghese s. r.l.s is not liable for any mishaps and/or errors and/or losses attributable to the companies selected for shipment.

Product availability

Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l. accepts customer orders within the limits of the quantities of the required products existing in stock.

Therefore, the acceptance by Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s. of the purchase proposal forwarded by the customer is subject to the stock availability of the products themselves.

Pelletterie Borghese s. r.l.s. agrees to promptly notify the customer of any unforeseeable out-of-stocks due to excess demand or other causes.

Obligations of the client

The customer represents and warrants:

  • That you are a consumer as defined in Article 3 of the Consumer Code;
  • To be of legal age;
  • That the data provided by him for the execution of the contract are correct and true.


Customized and tailor-made products

In the case of items in which there are customizations, or garments made to measure, it is not possible to make the return, since they are unique products made at the request of the customer. art. 59, letter c) of the Consumer Code

Size change

In case the size purchased is not right, we can replace it (subject to availability), within 3 days of delivery by filling out the appropriate form on the website.

Thanks to our couriers, it is possible to take advantage of the service prior to pickup in the comfort of the customer's home. The courier will pick up the package containing the product to be replaced. It is only necessary to seal the package with the return and wait for the pickup.

As soon as it arrives at the company, we will send you a same-day exchange of the new size you want.

You can, through the communicated email, check the tracking of the package and conveniently wait at home for the courier.

For size exchange outside Italy, you must arrange the cost with one of your trusted couriers at your expense.

Must ship for size change to the same address: Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s., via Santolo Cirillo, 6 - 80028 Grumo Nevano (NA).

Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract entered into, without penalty and without specifying the reason, within 14 days of receipt of the products. The customer may exercise the right of withdrawal, within the aforementioned period, by sending an email to the email address info@pelletterieborghese.it , or by written notice to the headquarters of Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s., to be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by sending an email to the certified mail pelletterieborghesesrls@pec.it.

Customers who wish to avail themselves of the right of withdrawal must return the products intact, without causing them any defect that would prevent the sale, to the address indicated on the invoice, following the instructions therein, within 14 days of receipt of the products.

The cost of returning products is the responsibility of the customer, as stated above under ''shipping cost''.

Pelletterie Borghese will return the payment, within 14 days from the date of receipt of the products by the customer:

  • the full price paid by the Customer in case of return of the product complete with all its parts and
  • the portion of the price equivalent to the product actually returned by the Customer who has consumed the
    product appreciably and/or in such a way as to significantly diminish its value.



For the products purchased by the customer, the regulations on warranties and service relating to the sale of consumer goods are applicable to Pelletterie Borghese s.r.l.s.


The contract is governed by Italian law.

Any dispute relating to the application, execution, interpretation and breach of the contract will be within the jurisdiction of the Court of Naples.

Coupon usage

Coupons and discount codes cannot be combined. Only one discount code can be entered per purchase. 


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